League of Legends….The Reality Show

Zac’s entertainment


No, you did read that correctly. Eurogamer has an article┬átoday detailing an upcoming Australian reality show, in which 40 players will compete over a series of weeks to eventually win a contract to play professionally with a top team in the Oceanic Pro League.┬áNot the most obsurd reality show concept ever – Big Brother still exists – but surprising nonetheless.

As a lapsed League of Legends addict and, until recently, an avid follower of the game as an Esport (go Fnatic!), I must say I’m interested in this. Hopefully it’ll do decently and encourage a copycat show in the North American or Europe regions. Then, whoever wins might actually have a shot at making the semifinal at Worlds before being ruthlessly crushed by a North Korean team, as is the natural order of things.