Splatoon 2 And Its Splatfests

Team Cake is a lie


I’ve just finished a couple of hours’ play on this evenings’ Splatfest: Cake vs Ice Cream. I had an absolute blast and plan on picking up the game on the back of this very strong demo showing. I was initially put off by the motion controls, which I’m told are the best way to play the game and the only way to be competitive, but I found to be a tiresome chore. Switching (zing!) to traditional stick controls made the game click much more easily with me, however, and I thoroughly enjoyed the frantic painting and gunning gameplay. Highly recommended for those who are bored of grey and brown shooting games.

There’s a great introduction to Splatoon’s Splatfest events up on Kotaku UK right now that makes for lovely weekend reading.

Nintendo In Genuine U-Turn Shocker


Kotaku are running a feature regarding Nintendo’s recent change of heart over its paid-for online service, now coming in 2018. As a lover of classic Nintendo games, and also of the Switch itself, I welcome the news fully; the price is also hugely impressive (if it stays that way!)

More information to come at E3, with any luck.