Splatoon 2 And Its Splatfests

Team Cake is a lie


I’ve just finished a couple of hours’ play on this evenings’ Splatfest: Cake vs Ice Cream. I had an absolute blast and plan on picking up the game on the back of this very strong demo showing. I was initially put off by the motion controls, which I’m told are the best way to play the game and the only way to be competitive, but I found to be a tiresome chore. Switching (zing!) to traditional stick controls made the game click much more easily with me, however, and I thoroughly enjoyed the frantic painting and gunning gameplay. Highly recommended for those who are bored of grey and brown shooting games.

There’s a great introduction to Splatoon’s Splatfest events up on Kotaku UK right now that makes for lovely weekend reading.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Has Some Fresh Ideas For The Series

Assassination station

In an interview with Kotaku posted this week, game director Ashraf Ismail discusses a number of the changes being made to the Assassin’s Creed formula for the new iteration, due out in October. Of particular note is that day/night button; sounds like an interesting mechanic that will hopefully add some much-needed tactical elements to the game.

I’d really love if they could take a few notes from franchises like Hitman; I want my Assassin to do proper Assassin-y things, like poison soups and hide in cupboards for weeks on end. Origins sounds like it’s taking a step in that direction, with its busy, scheduled world moving around your character as you plan your attacks. Very exciting, and I hope it rejuvenates the venerable series.

Atari Returning With A New Console?

Wood you believe it

As Gamesbeat reveal here, it would seem venerable games company Atari are getting involved in hardware once again. According to Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, the new console is based on “PC technology”, inciting rumours that the box will be some sort of emulation player similar in fashion to the NES Classic  Mini, which sold very well last year, but on which production has ceased, seemingly due to Nintendo oddness protocols.

Take-Two Interactive Declare War On Modders, Internet Declares War On Take-Two

No liberty city

Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive has started issuing Cease and Desist instructions to hugely popular modding website OpenIV, and the GTA community have not taken too kindly to it at all. Indeed; as Rockstar Games have often encouraged the development and use of mods in their games, this sudden attack by Take-Two has incited angry reactions from many in the wider gaming community too; Jim Sterling of The Jimquisition fame is particularly scathing (and hilarious) in this episode of his popular Youtube show.

Personally, I have to agree with Jim and the many GTA players voicing their concern. It’s not on that the modding community who for so long have enjoyed creating and sharing content should now be persecuted for it. I also feel a bit miffed with Rockstar, who admittedly are likely to be caught in a litigation and moral minefield, but are attempting to justify Take-Two’s actions with somewhat flimsy-sounding excuses. With Bethesda’s very recent attempts to bring back paid mods (paid fucking mods!), Take-Two’s timing here certainly seems a little odd.

It’s Pokemon Direct Eve

Written in the stars?

With the news that Nintendo will be airing a Pokemon direct tomorrow 6/6/17, IGN are running a hype-inducing feature looking at some of the possibilities.

Please please let it be number one. I would settle for number four, also. Both would be mind-melting!

RIP Alan Wake

Good-but-not-great third-person action game Alan Wake is getting removed from sale today due to music licensing issues. It can be picked up for a song (zing!) from a number of the usual e-outlets. I thought it was worth a gander when I played it some years ago.

I recently beat its flashier Remedy Entertainment brother Quantum Break. A retrospective review of that game will be going up on the blog shortly.

Next-gen Playstation in the Pipeline?

Digital Foundry have published an interesting piece on the whispered possibility of a 2018 release for the PS5. At such a curious crossroads in games development, could we be in for a new generation so soon?

It certainly isn’t business as usual this year, with the release of the Scorpio on the horizon. Exciting (and expensive!) times to be a gamer.