League of Legends….The Reality Show

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No, you did read that correctly. Eurogamer has an article today detailing an upcoming Australian reality show, in which 40 players will compete over a series of weeks to eventually win a contract to play professionally with a top team in the Oceanic Pro League. Not the most obsurd reality show concept ever – Big Brother still exists – but surprising nonetheless.

As a lapsed League of Legends addict and, until recently, an avid follower of the game as an Esport (go Fnatic!), I must say I’m interested in this. Hopefully it’ll do decently and encourage a copycat show in the North American or Europe regions. Then, whoever wins might actually have a shot at making the semifinal at Worlds before being ruthlessly crushed by a North Korean team, as is the natural order of things.

The Wolf Among Us 2 Is Finally Happening

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After a cheeky denial, Telltale Games finally spilled the beans this past week and dropped the exciting news that they are developing season 2 of The Wolf Among Us, and it’s due in 2018 (link).

The first season is a real stand out piece from the veteran studio; given the wonderful universe of the Fables graphic novels to work with, the game shines as a dark, gritty whodunnit-style mystery story, with some great character cameos and some genuine, edge-of-the-seat thrills that keep it fresh and engaging from start to finish. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down when I played it last year; for those who haven’t yet, it can be picked up for an absolute song regularly and is more than worthy of the 8 or so hours it takes to complete it.

Also announced; season 4 of The Walking Dead, what Telltale are calling The Walking Dead: The Final Season. That this is the final game is surprising to me; despite the lacklustre third season (see my review here), it seemed there were areas the game could have further explored through creative uses of the license, and as Season 1 and 2 have shown, when Telltale are on with The Walking Dead they are fucking onIt’s exciting to think we’ll be returning to see out Clementine’s story though, especially knowing she’ll once again be the playable character. Her story is the glue that holds the series together; her parts in A New Frontier were the strongest aspects, and the game sings when it hones in on Clem and her struggles. Looking forward to seeing if this one can recapture my imagination once again.

Oh, and something about a new Batman game, but I must admit to not being overly fussed about that series. If it’s great and I need to play it, let me know!

Splatoon 2 And Its Splatfests

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I’ve just finished a couple of hours’ play on this evenings’ Splatfest: Cake vs Ice Cream. I had an absolute blast and plan on picking up the game on the back of this very strong demo showing. I was initially put off by the motion controls, which I’m told are the best way to play the game and the only way to be competitive, but I found to be a tiresome chore. Switching (zing!) to traditional stick controls made the game click much more easily with me, however, and I thoroughly enjoyed the frantic painting and gunning gameplay. Highly recommended for those who are bored of grey and brown shooting games.

There’s a great introduction to Splatoon’s Splatfest events up on Kotaku UK right now that makes for lovely weekend reading.

Starcraft: Remastered Out August 14th

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Blizzard have given the world the details on their upcoming remaster of the original Starcraft. Arriving August 14th, the game will be a modest £12.99/$14.99, a generous move from Blizzard who could have probably charged a lot more given the game’s immense nostalgia factor. Looking forward to playing this one; I love Starcraft 2 but never played the original (BLASPHEMY!). I hear very positive things, and will enjoy getting my arse kicked over and over again online, as is the true order of life.

As a side note, I’ll have a review of the new Zelda content up next week, and another episode of Adventures in Clash Royale too. Stick around, why dontchya.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Has Some Fresh Ideas For The Series

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In an interview with Kotaku posted this week, game director Ashraf Ismail discusses a number of the changes being made to the Assassin’s Creed formula for the new iteration, due out in October. Of particular note is that day/night button; sounds like an interesting mechanic that will hopefully add some much-needed tactical elements to the game.

I’d really love if they could take a few notes from franchises like Hitman; I want my Assassin to do proper Assassin-y things, like poison soups and hide in cupboards for weeks on end. Origins sounds like it’s taking a step in that direction, with its busy, scheduled world moving around your character as you plan your attacks. Very exciting, and I hope it rejuvenates the venerable series.

Atari Returning With A New Console?

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As Gamesbeat reveal here, it would seem venerable games company Atari are getting involved in hardware once again. According to Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, the new console is based on “PC technology”, inciting rumours that the box will be some sort of emulation player similar in fashion to the NES Classic  Mini, which sold very well last year, but on which production has ceased, seemingly due to Nintendo oddness protocols.